Successful Sustainability Maker Convention in Milan, Italy

Successful Sustainability Maker Convention in Milan, Italy

On May 29th 2015 the Sustainability Maker project organized its second convention named Crowd Innovation for Sustainability at Politecnico di Milano as part of the EXPO 2015 events.
Around 90 participants attended the presentations in the morning and worked creatively in the afternoon on four sustainability challenges posted to the group by companies and NGOs.

podium speeches

In the morning keynote presentations by the following experts took place. Please download the presentations with the links given below.

Our Common Frugal Future: Crowd Sourcing for Creative Solutions
Anil Gupta, Founder, Honey Bee Network, Indian Institute of Management

Lessons Learnt on Using Crowd-Design in an Emergent Context
Aguinaldo dos Santos, Head of the Design & Sustainability Research Center, Federal University of Paraná

Patterns of Crowd Contributions and their Implications for Crowd- based Initiatives
Chiara Franzoni, Management, Economics, Industrial Engineering dept., Politecnico di Milano

Movie Design for Sustainability. 
Marisa Galbiati, Vice Dean of the School of Design, Design Dept. Politecnico di Milano

The Sustainability Maker Project and its innonatives Platform 
Ursula Tischner, Director econcept Agency for Sustainable Design

The sustainability challenges for the afternoon working groups were:

Development of an innovative illumination system with low environment impact for Snack & Food vending machine’s glass front door, proposed by EFREM GUSMINI from N&W GLOBAL VENDING SpA

Composition of communities inhabiting the same building or group of houses (new or renovated) with low environmental impact, but high quality services and neighborly relations. Proposed by  ANDREA POGGIO from LEGAMBIENTE

Design a Feeding Knowledge BACKPACK to be used for creating an easy to support face-to-face training in rural environment of Developing Countries regarding sustainable food and agriculture. Proposed by SUSANNA SANCASSANI from METID (Methods and Innovative Technologies for Didactics)

The challenge aims to design appropriate tools to facilitate the evaluation and the introduction of appropriate energy technologies, in refugee camps. Proposer PAOLA ESENA from POLISOCIAL

The working groups analyzed and detailed each challenge and came up with a story board for a challenge video clip to be posted on innonatives. The group work was supported by Politecnico di Milano’s IMAGIS LAB.

Congratulations: The first innovatives winners announced.

Shortly before the lunch break of the 2nd Sustainability Maker Convention the exciting moment came, when the Winners of the first completed Open Innovation for Sustainability Challenges were announced to the public.
See the winners presentation here

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