Keynote Speeches and Presentations of the first innonatives Challenges at the Sustainability Maker Convention

Keynote Speeches and Presentations of the first innonatives Challenges at the Sustainability Maker Convention

We like to thank all participants of the Sustainability Maker Convention 2013, the world’s first conference combining Open Innovation, Crowd Sourcing and Crowd Funding for Sustainability. Further information, photos and videos are just one click away.

Statements of Participants at the Sustainability Maker Convention 2013 in Cologne

Which challenges would you like to be tackled by the innonatives open platform for sustainability? Here are some ideas from the participants of the Sustainability Maker Convention 2013 in Cologne. Do you have further ideas for challenges you  like to pose to the innonatives? Use the contact form for submitting your ideas or directly go to the Beta-invite on for future submission.

Welcome to the Sustainability Maker Project Website

Sustainability Maker is an innovation and demonstration project supported by the European LIFE Program, which will create an open innovation, crowd-sourcing, crowd-voting, crowd-funding platform and an online marketplace for Sustainable Solutions.

The open innovation online platform will be ready for use in October 2013 and will connect

  • people / organizations, that want to pose Sustainability related problems to the platform to be solved, with
  • people / organizations, that like to develop creative problem solving solutions, and support their implementation.

The project is carried out by 5 core partners, econcept Agency for Sustainable Design (manager), ecosense media & communicationtyclipso.netPolitecnico Milano, Forum für soziale Technikgestaltung and several network partners as well as further experts.

We will inform you about the project and its progress on this website. The actual platform will be a separate site and is accessible after the beta phase. This platform is open to everybody. Please get involved and get in contact with us with all your comments, ideas and questions.

How does it work?

Apply for Beta-Invitation

Apply for Beta-Invitation

The Sustainability Maker Platform is open for Beta-Invitation. You can register to be among the first to join and take part in the challenges. The platform will launch the first modules soon.


innonatives from innonatives on Vimeo.

Sustainability Maker needs you …

Sustainability Maker needs you …

Dear Sustainability Friends, for a video clip for our (econcept/ ecosense) new European research project on open innovation, crowd funding and crowd sourcing for sustainability we need your help. We would like to know what kind of urgent Sustainability related problems around the world or in your local communities you like to get solved. Could you send us a short video clip of yourself or your friends, family, colleagues etc. taken with your mobile phone or similar, where you / the actor describes in one to five sentences, which problem(s) really need(s) attention from the Open Innovation for Sustainability Platform that we are going to start in October 2013? Please mail the clip to my email:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping … 😉 Ursula Tischner

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