Forum Soziale Technikgestaltung

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Forum Soziale Technikgestaltung (forum for socially sustainable design of technology) was founded in 1991 in Stuttgart as a network (1.800 members) and forum for Social Technology Formation from a Labour Union perspective. Its special objective is a human and sustainable development of working environments in the Information and Knowledge Society. The Initiative consults, encourages and conducts Labour Unions in processes and dialogues referring innovation. It focuses on change of working environment and aims to set social standards and social frameworks in times of E-Business, E-Commerce and E-Learning.

Welf Schröter, Head of Forum, was a Member of the advisory committee Media@Komm at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Head of the project „arbeit 21“ (work 21) at the master project “MAP-Multimedia – Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft” (MAP multimedia – employment of the future) of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Member of the taskforce “Electronic Mobility – mobile working

life and social arrangement” at the agenda “MobilMedia” of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Cofounder of the local transfer-network of innovation and advanced training TREWIRA, a Member of the Project MAREMBA, was the founder of the Teleworking Platform Baden-Württemberg. Schröter is a member of the EU-IEE-Project BEAM 21 (Blended capacity-building on sustainable energy measures & action plans for European municipalities BEAM 21) and the Cloud Computing-Project CLOUDwerker (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology). He is chairing several networks for SME’s, crafts and craftsmen. He is author of numerous articles and editor of many books.

The Forum/ Welf Schröter has also been involved in other EU projects before such as: EU-Project DIPLOMAT (Teleworking), EU-Programm EQUAL II Project WIR.

Forum Soziale Technikgestaltung
c/o Talheimer Verlag, Medienberatung und Consulting GmbH
Welf Schroeter
Rietsweg 2
72116 Moessingen-Talheim, Germany

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