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Founded in 1863, Politecnico di Milano university is supported by an outstanding tradition and by a strong commitment to innovation. The university has around 1200 permanent professors and 40000 students.

Within the university, different structures work in design and innovation: the Design School (member of Cumulus, BEDA, Icograda and ICSID) focused on education; the Design Department focused on research; the Design Consortium focused on applied research, publishing activities and promotional design ventures. The Design department was involved in a large number of collaborative Europe funded projects, such as: LeNS – the Learning Network on Sustainbility, EU Asia Link programme; MEPSS – Methodology for Product Service System development, FP6; Tango – Toward A New intergenerational Openness, Culture Programme (European Union – Education and Culture DG); HICS – Highly customerised solutions. Solution-oriented design, production and delivery systems, FP4 Competitive and Sustainable Growth Programme; SCORE! – Sustainable Consumption and Production: Opportunities and Challenges, FP6.

Prof. Carlo Vezzoli, coordinator of Polimi team, is responsible for the Design and System Innovation for Sustainability (DIS) research unit, inside the Design department, and Professor of ‘Design for environmental sustainability’ and ‘System design for sustainability’ of the School of Design of the same institution. He coordinated several research projects and took part in EU funded researches (Tango, LeNS, SusHouse, MEPSS, SCORE!, LeNSES).

Recently he has been coordinating the EU funded (Asia link) research LeNS, an Asian-European multipolar network for curricula development on design for sustainability focused on Product-Service System innovation. The network has been the initiator of other regional affiliated networks (LeNS Africa, LeNS South America, LeNS Central America, LeNS North America, LeNS Oceania), configuring a world-wide network of networks. His most recent books are: System Design for Sustainability (English and Portuguese editions), Design for Environmental Sustainability (English, Italian, Chinese and Portuguese editions) and System Innovation for Sustainability (published by Greenleaf). Right now, he received the approval for a new, EU funded (ACP-EU Co-operation Programme in Higher Education (EDULINK II)), project LeNSES, the Learning Network for Sustainable Energy Systems, a multi-polar and open network for curricula and lifelong learning capacity development focused on locally-based Sustainable Energy System Design & Engineering, in four African countries, partners of the project, Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda.

Carlo Vezzoli
Politecnico di Milano – Design Department
DIS Design and Innovation for Sustainability
V. Durando 38/A
20158 Milan, Italy





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